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Closed for the season. Reopening May 10, 2019

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On the Beautiful Bay of Fundy

A Bit of the Past

Century Farm Family Campground is located on the original grant of land issued to Mathias Moran in 1783. The property has been in the Moran Family since then. The property presently consists of 100 acres of forest land and 25 acres of agriculture land. The homestead was built in 1850 by James H. Moran who hired many of the carpenters that worked at the ship building trade. The ceilings were painted by artists from Italy brought over on the sailing ships that were built in the shipyards located near the beach adjacent to the campground. Over 500 sailing ships were built in this area in the 1800's. Additional information on our historic past is available at the Quaco Museum. Just a walk away from our campground.


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